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I am what I am

And what I am needs no excuses

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Name:Kurt Hummel
Birthdate:May 27
I am what I am. I am my own special creation. So, come take a look. Give me the hook, or the ovation. It's my world that I want to have a little pride in - my world, and it's not a place I have to hide in. Life's not worth a damn 'til you can say "I am what I am". I am what I am. I don't want praise; I don't want pity. I bang my own drum. Some think it's noise - I think it's pretty. And so what if I love each feather and each spangle? Why not try to see things from a different angle? Life's not worth a damn 'til you can shout out loud "I am what I am!". I am what, and what I am needs no excuses. I deal my own deck, sometimes the ace, sometimes the deuces. There's one life, and there's no return and no deposit - one life, so it's time to open up your closet. Life's not worth a damn 'til you can say "Hey World, I am what I am!".
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I Honestly Love You - Olivia Newton John
A House is Not A Home - Dionne Warwick (Glee Version linked)
Light A Roman Candle With Me - fun.
I Am What I Am - La Cage Aux Folles (John Barrowman version linked)
Speechless - Lady Gaga
What is this Feeling? - Wicked
The Atheist Christmas Carol - Vienna Teng

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